Using nova instead of eucatools while working with ssh-keys

There are two ways to manage OpenStack cloud: using EC2 API(Amazon compatible) and nova API (native). Using native API is preferred way. OpenStack has python-novaclient project for that aim. It is command line interface for managing OpenStack. Unfortunatly it doesn’t support working with ssh-keys and we need to use euca2ools for that.

Starting from now this issue is over. Now you can perform following commands:

nova keypair-add [--pub_key <pub_key>] — creates public (if the pass to it is not passed) and private keys, saves public key into database and prints the private key into console.

nova keypair-delete — deletes keypair if it exists.

nova keypair-list — shows user’s keypairs like the eucatools do.

You can see sources on

or binaries for RHEL

and for CentOS


4 thoughts on “Using nova instead of eucatools while working with ssh-keys

  1. Hugo kuo

    Hello , Pavel
    An additional question is ….how to specify a instance using a particular keypair while booting via “nova boot” command ……
    does this include in Grid Dynamic python-novaclient source ?

    Hugo Kuo

  2. Anthony Young

    This is cool! Was wondering if you were planning on pushing these changes back to trunk soon? I know a bunch of people who would like to use something like this. Thanks for the post…


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