Resource usage accounting system for OpenStack

`nova-billing` service is ready for community review. It is a service which accounts resource usage per project (tenant). This information can be used for charging client later.

Currently it collects information about instances and images and snapshost in glance.  Local disk usage (Gb*h), memory (Mb*h) and virtual CPU count (vcpus*h) are accounted for VM instances and disk space (Gb*h) is accounted for images in glance .

Next we are going to include other resources like network storages (volumes).


Information can be received from REST interface or you can use CLI command `nova2ools-billing` from `nova2ools` set (available from Yum repositories).


3 thoughts on “Resource usage accounting system for OpenStack

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  2. Loic Dachary

    I would like to participate in the development, as part of my work for Would you be open to discuss how my company’s agenda can meet your company’s agenda ? I would understand if you’re on a deadline and have no time to discuss how billing / accounting is going to be done.

    In any case, congrats for publishing this code, it’s the first I see. It seems that other companies decided to keep it for themselves instead of going free software ;-)

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