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YUM Repository Limit

Alessio Ababilov's Blog

Consider that we develop a project and we have an huge repo of different RPMs. We want to release new versions and publish them into new repos, but we know that usually only several packages are upgraded. Nobody wants to copy all unchanged packages to a new repo. However, we could keep only changed packages in the new repo and refer to both repos in .repo file: yum will choose the latest packages.

name=My Project 1.0

name=My Project 1.1

Looks nice, but how many repositories can be supported by yum? Will it crash or work extremely slow if there are hundreds of repositories with different packages? Let us check it up.

We will create 200 repositories with different versions of packages many-repos-a, many-repos-b, and many-repos-c. Repo #(2 * i) will contain packages many-repos-a-#i and many-repos-a-#(2 * i) and repo #(2 * i +…

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Out of the box and into the cloud – Altai Private Cloud For DevOps takes you there

To our blog community

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Altai Private Cloud For DevOps solution.

Altai combines the best technologies from the OpenStack community with extensions developed by Grid Dynamics—enhancing its stability and scalability, optimizing the developer experience, and shortening time-to-market for new applications.

New key features include:

  • installation in under 15 minutes
  • VLAN-based mode for network isolation between projects
  • self-service dashboard for administrators, development managers, and engineers
  • built-in accounting and billing system, with reports available via dashboard
  • built-in DNS based on PowerDNS
  • a new method of handling project private and global images with global images managed by administrators

At Grid Dynamics we are committed to building optimized solutions for eCommerce businesses — solutions that are not just geared toward production deployments, but are also ideal for development and QA operations. We are proud to offer faster, better solutions to match and resolve our customers’ toughest challenges.

Grid Dynamics has been using OpenStack inside the company since the Diablo release — adding new extensions and building new services around them such as our accounting system, which we have already opensourced.

Now, we would like to bring you our latest offering — the Altai Private Cloud For Developers.

Try the new cloud for yourself! Visit us at

and learn more about this exciting new cloud distribution.