YUM Repository Limit

Alessio Ababilov's Blog

Consider that we develop a project and we have an huge repo of different RPMs. We want to release new versions and publish them into new repos, but we know that usually only several packages are upgraded. Nobody wants to copy all unchanged packages to a new repo. However, we could keep only changed packages in the new repo and refer to both repos in .repo file: yum will choose the latest packages.

name=My Project 1.0

name=My Project 1.1

Looks nice, but how many repositories can be supported by yum? Will it crash or work extremely slow if there are hundreds of repositories with different packages? Let us check it up.

We will create 200 repositories with different versions of packages many-repos-a, many-repos-b, and many-repos-c. Repo #(2 * i) will contain packages many-repos-a-#i and many-repos-a-#(2 * i) and repo #(2 * i +…

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