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OpenStack Migration from Diablo to Essex

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We use Openstack at Grid Dynamics for more than a year. It is the basis of our private infrastructure originally named Cloud For Grid Dynamics (C4GD) and now known as Altai. C4GD provided cheap and fast VM management for our developers’ needs with reliable support. We were using the Diablo release and were happy with it.

On 5 April 2012 a new shiny Essex was released not without Grid Dynamics initiative (you can even find me in the list of contributors). I was challenged to investigate and prepare migration scripts for our cloud.

I started from my old scripts for installing Diablo and began writing a set of tools that make easy both migration and installation from scratch for different releases. You can see the result of my work at Github. These scripts work with OpenStack packaged to RPMs at Grid Dynamics.

Generally, OpenStack migrates rather well…

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OpenStack EPEL: the Dependency Purgatory

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When you develop a software system, you can choose any solution between two extreme approaches.

  1. Build and maintain all your dependencies.
  2. Rely on external repositories and build only your specific packages.

Having chosen the first approach, you can be sure that your users will use your great tuned packages of carefully chosen versions that are doomed to work properly. And when you see a problem in a dependency, you freely patch it and… congratulations, now you are a happy maintainer of a zoo of numerous packages containing software written in several languages!

The second way is clear: you build a dozen of your own packages and publish a relatively small repository. And when your third-party dependencies become unavailable, it will be a user’s problem.

Developing Altai, we started from the first solution: a user installs basic RHEL/CentOS and just adds our repository. Nowadays, we are moving to the second…

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