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Hungry Process Breaks Your “while read” bash Cycle

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I am working on a build system that makes easy to control several connected git repositories forming one project. This system is being written in bash and uses lots of rarely used git and bash features.

Often I have to iterate over a table usually generated by git, e.g., to see the changes between a commit and its parent, I run:

$ git diff-tree --no-commit-id -r 9b8b0f6150790d2a757cd2091ef91d3ebe9ce317 -- repos
:160000 160000 236fc8025f106375944457007f5a7a803297e683 f5ede37ddbf9eccd55012f1ddda3ae37259ca800 M	repos/altai/altai-installer
:160000 160000 2706a907bf2d136dd1f737e6c6cb4ca8e420329c 10a1bf5d8f716f30af089f1558eefbdeb07f9b3b M	repos/altai/nova-networks-ext
:160000 160000 7aaafb9f29b60ef0a4cf938b653de23354308be2 ad3725e92b08ca40cf65fb9ed604ae3285fee271 M	repos/altai/python-openstackclient-base
:160000 160000 748da9c4c1d058f96dd40ba328fd100719f768f7 eb568c5ffb4543b676208c96de7af2c62e455329 M	repos/openstack/glance

This output is easily parsed with bash’es while read:

$ git diff-tree --no-commit-id -r 9b8b0f6150790d2a757cd2091ef91d3ebe9ce317 -- repos | while read mode1 mode2 hash1 hash2 ignored path; do if [ "$mode2" == 160000 ]; then echo $path; fi; done

read command get a line from stdin and sets variables one by one. We…

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