Monthly Archives: April 2013

Altai v1.1.1 is out

Hello everybody!

A new version of Altai Private Cloud for Developers 1.1.1 is ready to use. In this release, we support reliable updates from any previous Altai version..

This release is┬árecommended┬áto use for everyone instead of 1.1.0. Update procedure from any previous release is safe and automated – just follow our upgrade guide.

Other important changes:

  • guess root partition of virtual machine images for setting login credentials;
  • add script for LDAP configuration after Altai installation;
  • support instance live migration;
  • fix VNC security problem that occurs for deleted instances;
  • strong validation of Altai configuration parameters to determine installation/updating problems earlier;
  • bugfixes in UI;
  • correct adding records for NS servers on zone creation;
  • purge info about deleted instances from database.