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RHEL and Centos RPM packages for OpenStack Essex (2012.1) release is out

We are happy to inform you, that we have prepared Essex RPM packages for RHEL and Centos. We tested packages for compatibility with Scientific Linux as well. For Centos you should also use EPEL repository.

RHEL yum repo: http://yum.griddynamics.net/yum/essex/.

Centos yum repo: http://yum.griddynamics.net/yum/essex-centos/

Essex Packages:

  • openstack-nova-essex
  • openstack-glance-essex
  • openstack-keystone-essex
  • openstack-swift-essex
  • openstack-quantum-essex
  • python-quantumclient
  • python-novaclient-essex
Setup instructions for essex (for testing, not for production) :


We are waiting for your questions/comments at our mailing list: openstack@griddynamics.com.